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Bottling, March 'First Sunday' and LTV

This morning the 2016 reds and the 2017 whites will be surging through the bottling line. We've also got a 2017 Rose, which will be one to look forward to in time for next summer. It's all hands on deck to get them filtered, capped, labelled and in to boxes and it's always a busy couple of days. To top off the week, this weekend is our March 'First Sunday Tasting" on March 4th from 11-4pm. And this Sunday we are pleased to be releasing our 2014 Shiraz LTV (Little Touch of Viognier). What marks the difference between Shiraz and Shiraz-Viognier? Is it the colour, the aroma, the taste...what is it? Let's work it out together this weekend. If you can't join us on the day, we have put together an

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